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Triple Glazing

“It’s The Glass That Makes All The Difference!”


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If you have been thinking about upgrading your windows from single or double glazed the chances are you may have looked at the option of Triple Glazing.  

Above is the make-up of our Triple Glazed Units, comprising of Pilkington glass.

For further information on our Triple Glazing please click on the following link.  Triple Glazing.


Planitherm triple glazing when combined in a unit with Argon gas which is used to provide insulation in air gaps can eliminate draughts and cold spots and prevent condensation from forming.

A common query about Planitherm glass is "does the Low E coating affect lighting and make rooms darker ? " The answer is in fact it does the opposite, the coating actually allows natural light to stream into the home with the tint or haze effect that can ocur on some Double Glazed windows, although this is not always the case. The glass can also be modified to suit the requirements of any window size and can work to achieve a high Window Energy Rating (WER) and reduce carbon dioxide emissions.

In layman terms, the sun heats up your room when it shines through the window and prevents the heat escaping from the room which in turn keeps your house warm and your energy bills low.


Which ever way you look at it PVC it is one of the safest materials you can use in your home.  PVC meets all international standards for safety and health for the application in which it is used. Government and independent studies show PVC to be at least as environmentally sound across a full life-cycle as other common construction materials.  As a thermal plastic, PVCu can be melted down and reformed over and over again and proven second life includes window profiles.  Even if PVC enters traditional waste disposal methods it can be safely burned within a modern energy-from-waste incineration process as it has a high calorific value.  The incineration of PVC makes a positive contribution to energy recovery.

No other single material offers all these properties to architects,builders,and developers.


Energy-efficient upvc windows with Pilkington energiKare™

Did you know that over 25% of the heat in your house escapes through your windows? 

Replacing the heat lost through your windows can be expensive – don’t throw your money out of the window!  Install energy-efficient double glazed windows containing Pilkington energiKare™ and you can help to reduce your heating bills by up to 20% each year.

Pilkington energiKare™ is the name given to our range of double and triple glazing used to improve the thermal efficiency of homes. It reduces the amount of heat lost through your windows and can also allow more heat energy from the sun in through the glass. This so-called passive solar gain provides additional energy free of charge.


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